Robert Wolfe (born March 2, 1921) is a former World War II U.S. Army officer who fought in both the Pacific and European Theaters of Operation. 

He commanded a recon team and also an anti-landmine platoon.

He received head wounds in both theaters. While recovering from his first wound he served in a training cadre in Ohio. After receiving his second head wound in France he was assigned to the Office of Military Censorship in Paris, France.

After the end of the European war he joined the Office of Military Government in Heidelberg, Germany.

At first his duties were with the prosecutors' office for the Nurnberg War Crimes trials. After the trials ended he worked with U.S. efforts to rebuild the German civilian government.

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The office manager in 1947 was Ingeborg Edith Kirch. She and Wolfe were married in 1948 before leaving Germany for the U.S. They returned to Manhattan, New York City, where Robert completed his education at Columbia University. While working on his doctorate he taught history and political science at Brooklyn College.

He joined the National Archives in 1961, upon concluding service as a member of the American Historical Association team microfilming captured German records at the World War II Records Center in Alexandria, Virginia.

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Wolfe also served as archival consultant to the Department of State for the Berlin Document Center (BDC) and as Special Adviser to Eli Wiesel for the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM). His publications include: Captured German and Related Records: a National Archives Conference (1974) and Americans as Proconsuls: U.S. Military Government in Germany and Japan, 1944-52 (1984).


Wolfe was one of eight independent historians employed by the Interagency Working Group (IWG) to assist in implementing the declassification and disclosures of the Nazi War Crimes Disclosure Act.

He is a retired senior archivist of the US National Archives and an expert on captured Nazi war documents.

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