Die Sekretärin Maryla Rosenthal (geborene Obstfeld, Jg 1908, in Krakau) überlebte die Haft im deutschen Konzentrationslager Auschwitz und wurde aus Zürich kommend 1963 als Zeugin bei dem ersten Frankfurter Auschwitzprozess vernommen.

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Maryla Rosenthal was a survivor who testified at the trial and who suffered from the trauma and residual fear created by the circumstances of working in the Political Department as the secretary for Wilhelm Boger. In the search for evidence about Boger's crimes, Rosenthal, a survivor who had recently moved from Israel to Berlin, … . Before being captured by the Nazis in April 1942, Rosenthal had lived in Krakow and worked as a secretary and translator of Polish, German, English and French.

In July 1942, she was brought to Auschwitz and initially delegated to work in the sandpits at Birkenau, also known as Auschwitz II. …

She had to … was to translate Boger´s "interrogations" of Polish prisoners. Because these interrogations were often so brutal and deadly, Rosenthal witnessed and reported to the court atrocities that were inexpressibly gruesome; however, she had very little negative to say about Boger, and especially his behaviour towards her and the other Jewish women in the Political Department.

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  • Eine AAussage zur Erschiessung von Lilly Tofler, another secretary. She was then interrogated by Boger and later shot to death.