Jan Komski, alias Jan Baraś, (geb. am 3. Februar 1915 in Bircza, gest. am 20. Juli 2002 in Arlington County, Virginia) war ein Maler / Zeichner. Studium an der Kraków Academy of Fine Arts.

Im Krieg in der Widerstandsbewegung. 1940 Flucht, um in France to join Sikorski's Army. Festgenommen an der Grenze Czechoslovakia and imprisoned in Nowy Sącz and Tarnów before being sent to Auschwitz I in the first prisoner transport to that concentration camp.

Erhielt Häftl.nummer 564 under the name Jon Baraś

16 Tage nach der Flucht recaptured on a train heading toward Warsaw. He was sent to Montelupich Prison

to Auschwitz II, prisoner number 152884.

moved to Buchenwald, then to Gross-Rosen, Hersbruck and finally Dachau where he was liberated on April 29, 1945 by the United States Army.

After the war, he lived in Displaced Persons camps in Bavaria and Munich, where he married another Auschwitz survivor. They moved to the United States in 1949. In the U.S., he worked as a graphic artist

Die Flucht Bearbeiten

Am 29. Dezember 1942 gelang

als ersten Häftlingen die Flucht aus dem Konzentrationslager Auschwitz.

In the morning of Dec 29, 1942, a two wheel cart drawn by two horses passed the gate at Auschwitz in the afternoon. It carried Kuczbara, dressed in a stolen SS uniform. Alongside walked three inmates, seemingly being escorted by the SS-man. They aroused no suspicion as Otto Küsel was known to all the Blockführers (SS Block Commanders). When they reached the check point at the border of the big sentry chain, Kuczbara showed the guards a cleverly forged pass. His uniform and the pass convinced them to allow the cart and the prisoners through. The men simply walked out of the camp.

They made it to the village of Broszkowice where they met a resistance woman who gave them civilian clothes. They spent the night at the home of Andrzej Harat, who actually rented the apartment above them to an SS officer.


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  • Jan Komski's Story (Bei Mit einem Gruppenfoto von 1942: Photo taken an hour after Komski's arrival in Andrzej Harat's

house after his escape from Auschwitz. From left: Mieczyslaw Januszewski, Jan Komski(standing), Otto Küsel, Boleslaw Kuczbara, Andrzej Harat and his daughter Wladyslawa Harat.)